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The fact of the matter, is that transitioning from military to civilian life after having deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan two, three, maybe four times is that it can be a problem, as the difference between military and civilian life is like night and day. Going from being part of something larger than yourself, to having to put up with some Mickey Mouse B.S. back in the so called “real world” can be an adjustment to say the least. And going from the front lines to the unemployment line only makes the matter worse, especially considering that the unemployment rate for returning Afghanistan vets is ridiculous.

But hey…you just came from a place where you got to see with your own two eyes the number of civilians working in Afghanistan (and Iraq). You already know the job, and you know for a natural fact that you can hack the environment, NO PROBLEM.

One of the bennies of going back to Iraq or Afghanistan but this time as a civilian working for Brown & Root, Fluor or any of those other contractors you saw while you were over there, is that it can help make the transition back to the civilian world a whole lot easier to take. You've been there, done that. You may have already been working with the civilian contractors over there driving the trucks, delivering the supplies, working out on the flight line and asked them about how you can come back after being released from active duty. Once you get back over there, you may be working with the very same people you were before you left.

It's kinda funny (not ha-ha funny, but funny in a strange kinda way), that going back to a war zone can have a calming effect.

Here's something interesting…If you do some looking around on the internet about how to write your resume when you're transitioning from military back to a civilian, you'll see that every last one of the so-called “professional” resume writing companies out there, go on and on about how important it is to take all the military terminology out of your resume, and replace it with something civilians can relate to. Well guess what? In the world of LOGCAP, military terminology is respected and spoken on a daily basis, and I (Bruce Diggs) not only know how to speak your language, but I know how to put it in a resume that will proudly reflect your time in the service. Roger that.

I've been helping Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to get back over there for a while now, so if you'd like to give it a shot, let me know. I can't guarantee anything, except that after I'm finished writing your resume you'll have an outstanding chance of getting picked up for a LOGCAP job…and the price won’t break the bank in the process.

A lot of vets I help redeploy as civilians want to get back in the mix so they can do something to provide support for their unit and for the brothers and sisters they feel they left behind. And who better to serve the military than former military?


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