In order to get one of these high paying LOGCAP 4 jobs you’ve either got to: 1. Know somebody that works there, or 2. Know somebody like me who knows how the LOGCAP system works and is willing to help you!

Are you thinking about applying for a job with a Logistics Civil Augmentation Program LOGCAP 4 defense contractor like Fluor, KBR, DynCorp, or ITT, which are currently providing military logistics support personnel in Afghanistan? Want straight talk with no hype about the best way to increase your chances of a LOGCAP 4 recruiter from Fluor, KBR, DynCorp, or ITT to call you about high paying LOGCAP jobs?

As the U.S. and coalition military troops continue to rotate into and out of Afghanistan and Iraq, the need for LOGCAP support personnel will also continue. There are currently over 150,000 U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan and that number of troops is expected to remain at least thru 2014. Perform a search for LOGCAP jobs, Army jobs, Defense jobs, Fluor jobs, KBR jobs, ITT jobs, DynCorp jobs, and you’ll see LOGCAP defense contractor overseas jobs are plentiful. The important thing to remember if applying for one of these high paying LOGCAP jobs is that you can be supremely qualified for a position, but the LOGCAP 4 recruiters working for the LOGCAP defense contractors in Afghanistan are only interested in resumes that meet a certain format.

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LogCap4Jobs provides an individual, customized LOGCAP 4 formatted resume reflecting LOGCAP industry specific wording designed to maximize your chances of getting a call from one of the LOGCAP recruiters. Competition for these lucrative, high paying jobs is high and in order to compete for one of them, you have to present your experience in the format the LOGCAP recruiters are looking for. LogCap4Jobs has its finger on the pulse of the LOGCAP defense contractors and knows exactly what it takes to make sure you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

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