About Us

In order to get one of these high paying LOGCAP 4 jobs you’ve either got to: 1. Know somebody that works there, or 2. Know somebody like me who knows how the LOGCAP system works and is willing to help you!

Hi. My name is Bruce Diggs. From the Balkans, to Central Asia, to the Middle East, and as the founder of LogCap4Jobs, I have in depth experience working with LogCap contractors, and know exactly what LogCap recruiters are looking for when screening potential job candidates.

No matter what your field of expertise, LogCap4Jobs can assist you by reformating your resume and turning it into the customized, highly optimized attention getter it must be in order to maximize your chances of being called by the LOGCAP recruiters.

LogCap4Jobs also sucessfully assists people in a wide variety of career fields who were previously on the LOGCAP project, but continued running into dead-ends in an attempt to get back onto the project. Whatever your particular situation, you can rest assured that LogCap4Jobs has its finger on the pulse of the LOGCAP recruiting industry providing you with a totally unique service specifically designed to meet today’s challenges and those of tomorrow in assisting you of securing a lucrative, high paying LOGCAP job.