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In order to get one of these high paying LOGCAP 4 jobs you’ve either got to: 1. Know somebody that works there, or 2. Know somebody like me who knows how the LOGCAP system works and is willing to help you!

As the U.S. and coalition military troops continue to rotate into and out of Afghanistan and Iraq, the need for LOGCAP support personnel will also continue. There are currently over 150,000 U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan and that number of troops is expected to remain at least thru 2014. Perform a search for LOGCAP jobs, Army jobs, Defense jobs, Fluor jobs, KBR jobs, ITT jobs, DynCorp jobs, and you’ll see LOGCAP defense contractor overseas jobs are plentiful.

The important thing to remember if applying for one of these high paying LOGCAP jobs is this: you can be supremely qualified for a position, but the LOGCAP 4 recruiters, working for the LOGCAP defense contractors in Afghanistan, are only interested in resumes that meet a certain format.

How to Format Your Resume for a LOGCAP Job.

Sure you may be supremely qualified for a particular job, but if your resume doesn’t meet the format that the LOGCAP recruiters are looking for, it is going to be rejected. I should know! (I’m Bruce Diggs, by the way.) With nearly a decade of experience working on LOGCAP projects, I have vast and in-depth experience in knowing exactly what LOGCAP recruiters want to see.

That’s right! In order for your application not to get put into the ‘circular file’ (aka, the trash can) never to see the light of day again, you have to present your application in a particular way for it to even be considered! You have to know how to survive the selection process.

Take Advantage of My Experience.

That’s where my experience and knowledge of how the system works will help you. You have to know how the game is played in order to win! By reviewing your work and educational experience, I’ll format your resume to meet the exact criteria the LOGCAP 4 recruiters are looking for. You have to know how to tilt the scales in your favor to get that job.

I Know Which Resumes Work — And Which Ones Don’t.

I’m a heavily experienced HR professional for major LOGCAP defense contractors. What does that mean? It means I’ve literally seen HUNDREDS of resumes and applications — and I know which ones make the cut, and which ones don’t. Some people pay ridiculous amounts of money to professional resume writing services and get absolutely nothing in return.

It doesn’t matter if you have a polished, ‘professional’ resume. Resume rules and the protocol of Corporate America are absolutely meaningless on these LOGCAP projects. You need someone who knows how to take your resume, and structure it in the format that the LOGCAP 4 recruiters for Fluor, Dyncorp, KBR and ITT want to see!

Don’t have a resume? No worries. Just send me what you’ve got — I’ll do the rest.

I’ll take your work experience, turn it into a LOGCAP 4 resume, and put it in a layout which will significantly increase the odds of getting a call from a LOGCAP recruiter. I make no guarantee that you’ll get called, of course, but there is one guarantee I can make you: if your resume and application isn’t in the format they’re looking for, you will NEVER get that call from one of the LOGCAP 4 recruiters. Period.

Why Are the LOGCAP 4 Recruiters So Picky?

These LOGCAP 4 recruiters receive literally THOUSANDS of applications for each position they are trying to fill. They are very, very picky about who they recommend, and I’ll tell you why. Because the BONUS money LOGCAP recruiters get only comes after the completion of the one year employment agreement. In other words, they have to recommend good people. LOGCAP recruiters don’t decide who gets hired – they make recommendations, and the hiring authority almost always follows them.

These bonuses are where the LOGCAP recruiters get their real money. You’d better believe they are extremely selective in who they choose to invest in. That’s right! The people that the LOGCAP recruiters pick and choose for these lucrative, high-paying jobs are a financial investment for them and the competition for those jobs is enormous. You are literally up against thousands of other people for the same job, and that means you have to do everything in your power to distinguish yourself, and make yourself stand-out from the crowd.

You have to think about why a LOGCAP recruiter would recommend you for a position, as opposed to anybody else:

  1. What makes you so different?
  2. What makes you the best qualified candidate?
  3. Why would they want to hire you and not somebody else?

And that’s just to start. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, there will be plenty of opportunities to move up within LOGCAP, and make even larger sums of money. Plus, when you consider that all your housing and meals are provided for you at no charge, the money can really rack up quick.

That’s right — free room and board with not a single penny out of your pocket. For a relatively select few, this is an opportunity to make some serious money. I don’t have to tell you how bad unemployment is right now, and that makes the competition for these high paying LOGCAP jobs even greater. But in order to even stand a chance of being called by one of the LOGCAP 4 recruiters, you’ve got to show them what they want to see.

How I (and this website) Can Help You.

This site is all about the information you need to invest in yourself: LOGCAP – Fluor – KBR – DynCorp – ITT — all terms which you need to become very familiar with. If you’re really serious about getting a job on LOGCAP 4 with Fluor, KBR, DynCorp or ITT, then listen up. First, consider the information I’m giving you here (and read my “Free Advice” article), and if you decide this is the kind of work you want, make an investment in yourself and allow me to tweak and fine tune your resume into the attention-getter it has to be to get in the game.

Like the saying goes, ‘You can’t win if you don’t play!’ and I can turn you into the major league player you have to be to compete for a high paying LOGCAP 4 job. Along with structuring your resume into the proper format, you’ll also receive tips and guidance on how to talk to the LOGCAP 4 recruiter when that call for an interview comes.

It is just as important to know what LOGCAP 4 recruiters want to hear when you’re talking to them as it is to show them what they want to see on paper. I’m going to tell you how to stroke their ego, which — believe it or not — is very important. These recruiters have to kiss a lot of frogs before they finally find a prince!

How to be the Diamond in the Rough That a LOGCAP 4 Recruiter is Looking For.

LOGCAP recruiters are like gold miners, sifting through tons and tons of ore, hoping to hit pay dirt. And with my help, and by following my advice, you are going to be that shiny gold nugget they’ve been looking for!

You are going to be that diamond in the rough the LOGCAP recruiters are going to invest their time and most importantly their money in. You’re going to be cut and polished into a fine jewel they can keep in their pocket until you complete your one year contract — then they’ll take it out and cash it in.

And don’t let anyone tell you or fool you into thinking that just because you have a so-called ‘professional’ resume, that you stand a snowball’s chance in hell of your application even getting a second glance by the LOGCAP 4 recruiters. Don’t waste your money! So-called ‘professional resume writing services’ don’t know what I know! In order to get one of these high paying LOGCAP 4 jobs you’ve got to:

  1. Know somebody that works there, or
  2. Know somebody like me — who knows how the LOGCAP system works and is willing to help you!

The system works — IF you know how to work the system!

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