One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from potential job candidates is in regard to how they can go about maximizing their job search, to which my reply is that there are certain essential elements which must be a part attended to as part of your quest.

One of the most essential elements, is to educate yourself with the most recent, up-to-date information out there regarding which companies are hiring, which Task Orders have been awarded, what Task Orders are currently being bid on, upcoming Task Orders companies are expected to bid on in the future, changes within the industry, the website address of potential employers, and a host of other issues requiring in-depth research which if you dedicated yourself full-time to, could (at least in theory) be accomplished.

But it would require an awful lot of time and effort – besides – who has that kind of time to sit in front of computer for hours on end?

Can it be done by the applicant? Sure. The same way that in theory at least, one could become self educated by reading books in order to become an attorney, a dentist, or a doctor. I’m not saying a LOGCAP job search is rocket science, but to be done properly it can be very, very time consuming. Back in the day, you could just apply for a job, and if you appeared to be a likely candidate, you would be contacted and on your way to orientation within a few days.

But this is NOT your fathers LOGCAP project anymore.

The competition is now more intense than at any other time in the history of the project and as such, the best way to prepare yourself for it is to first and foremost have unwavering commitment toward the process which can now take multiple weeks or many months. Sometimes even longer.

The two most common key success factors I see in those who are selected is persistence and patience – and another equally vital success factor, is to utilize a targeted resume specifically for the position you are applying to and only apply for positions which you are actually qualified for. In other words, if you have 12 years of experience within your career field, don’t apply outside that field with any realistic expectation of being considered. It is an exercise in futility, and only serves to aggravate the recruiter!

Toward the goal of conducting a well balanced job search, LogCap4Jobs has partnered with in providing you the tools, and resources to best prepare yourself in developing a well thought-out strategy in your approach to achieving your objective of getting onto the LOGCAP project. With the services offered by LC4J and DZJ, you will be well on your way toward succeeding in securing a lucrative, high-paying LOGCAP job.